My name is Mark Weblin and I am a philosopher. On this page, you will discover the things that interest me most in philosophy.

John Anderson was a radical and freethinking philosopher at Sydney University for over thirty years. His work and influence is not very widely appreciated. On the John Anderson page you will find extensive research on Anderson’s life and writings. I also edit a regular newsletter, ‘The Northern Line’, on Anderson.

Brian Birchall was a philosopher at the University of New England for many years and introduced me to the study of philosophy. Even though he wrote extensively in philosophy, his work is not widely available. I have collected together much of Brian’s later work and hope to publish it progressively in my newsletter, ‘The Present Continuous’.

‘Philosophy in Paradise’ is my community philosophy business on the Gold Coast, Queensland. I run a number of courses on subjects that interest me and, I hope, interest other people as well. You can find out what courses I offer, both on the Gold Coast community and on-line.

‘The Gnostic Tarot’ has been a research interest of mine for several decades. While not strictly within the province of philosophy, I find it a fascinating subject. I have published a summary of my work here and hope to publish the full work some time in the future.

I hope you enjoy your time here.