Are We Free? Determinism versus Existentialism

Are we free? Or are we mere puppets of circumstances? Do we possess a unique essence that is the source of our freedom? Or are we simply products of our conditioning? Do we create the narrative for our lives? Or is our life story determined at the moment of our birth?

The question of human freedom revolves around two separate¬†issues. Scientific determinism tells us that all our actions, behaviour, and choices are causally determined – that we have no ‘free-will’. Alternatively, Existentialism is predicated on the belief that we, as humans, have an irreducible freedom to choose significant aspects of our life and its associated meaning. As such, the two positions appear irreconcilable. In this course we will look in detail at¬†these two philosophical orientations and discuss ways in which they might be meaningfully brought together. In so doing we will look at the notions of autonomy, liberty, and freedom.

Four week course communing May 12th at Robina Community Centre 5.45-7.30pm and The Gold Coast Arts Centre, Bundall 10.30-12.00pm. $15 waged $10 conc. p.w.. For more info email

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