Brian Birchall Archives

The main archival repository of Dr. Birchall’s work is the Brian Birchall Archives at the University of New England.

Below is a chronological listing of items in the archives.

Newcastle-Sydney 1963-1971

1963 Notes of ‘Lectures on Greek Philosophy’ Newcastle University (Sandy Anderson?)

1964 Ethics lectures Sandy Anderson

1964(?) BCB Psych 3 assignment

1966 Honours thesis The definition of Good BC Birchall Newcastle University

1966 2 letters to BCB from ‘Bill’ (Doniela) dated 2/9/66; 16/12/66.

1968 copies of Dialectic Feb 1968 containing ‘Some thoughts on free love’ by BCB

1969 Numerous copies of ‘The Weekly Rat’, University of Newcastle

1972 PhD thesis: The Identity Theory of the Proposition

University of New England 1971 – 1995

1972 Comments of the Committee’s final report on UNE Academic Government – October

1977 Dialectic ‘Anderson on Education’ ed. Birchall and Evans, Newcastle University Philosophy Club

1977? ‘La Trobe Sociology Papers’ containing ‘Radicalisation of the critique of knowledge’ by BCB

1977 Letter to ‘James’ (prob Jim Baxendale) 14/3/1977

1981 Correspondence about the Nalson Report into the University of New England

1983 33 audio tapes (1–34) of discussions between BCB, Mark Weblin, and Richard Morrow

1984 Quadrant Mar BCB letter p3-4

1987 Material relating to U.N.E. course ‘Naturalistic Ethics’

1992 ‘Realism-The Twentieth Century Myth’ New England News

1992 Letter from Malica Bozic to BCB

1992/3 Various letters pertaining to report on 1992 study leave

1993-4 Correspondence in the matter of Birchall v Torbay

1995 letter from John Haynes dated 27/8/95 with enclosed photographs

1995 letter to SMH by BCB (ca 1995) on the atomic bomb

Articles published in Nucleus (8/87) Kangaroo 8-12 (87-91); New England Review (2-8 93-98) including ‘Archaeology of Ethics’ (1998)

Post UNE 1996 – 2010

1997 Extensive correspondence survives from this year: too much to list individually – correspondents include Weblin, Roughly, Wild,

1997 Letter to BCB from Stephen Gaukroger, Philosophy Dept University of Sydney 14/3/1997 arranging paper to be given on 4/8/97; subject – ‘Philosophical Truth’

1997 Paper to UNE on Mind Body problem

2002 The Importance of Being Obscure published, Newcastle, June

2002 ‘From here to obscurity’ news story on BCB Newcastle Herald 20/7/2002

2006/7? The ‘Mind-Body Problem’: Making some headway. May

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