Brian Birchall Bibliography

At this point in time, there is no complete bibliography of Dr. Birchall’s work.

However a full list of Dr. Birchall’s academic work has been completed and appears below in chronological sequence.


‘The Definition of Good’ Honours thesis University of Newcastle 1966

‘The Argument of Thrasymachus’ Dialectic (Journal of the Philosophy Club, University of Newcastle) Vol 1 No 1 Feb 1967 pp 40-48

‘Some thoughts on free love’ Dialectic Feb 1968 pp 44-56

Contributor to symposiums on ‘The Nature of Religious Experience’ and ‘The Meaning of Good’ at ‘Philosophers at Morpeth’ conference, reprinted in Dialectic, Supplement 1, June, 1968

‘Anderson’s Positive Ethics’ Dialectic Vol. 3 (1969) pp 46-62

‘The Identity Thesis of the Proposition’ PhD thesis Sydney University, 1972

‘The Ethics of Violence’ Dialectic Vol. 7 (1972) pp 22-33

‘Some misconceptions in Ivan Illich’ Dialectic Vol 9 1973

‘Some misconceptions in Ivan Illich’ Educational Theory XXIV, 4, 1974

‘The Moral Life: The obstacle to the development of ethical theory’ Dialectic 1977 (Vol 13) pp 6-17

Introduction to ‘Anderson on Education’ Dialectic 1977 (Vol 14) pp ii-v

‘John Anderson’s Social/Political theories: Degeneration or development?’ Australian Journal of Politics and History 1977

‘Radicalisation of the critique of knowledge: epistemology overcome or reinstatement of an error?’ La Trobe Sociology Papers Paper No 42 Sept. 1977

‘Radicalisation of the critique of knowledge: epistemology overcome or reinstatement of an error?’ Man and World Vol 10 No 4 Dec 1977 pp 367-381

‘John Anderson and the False Proposition’ Paper to Anderson conference at Bundanoon 1977

‘John Anderson and the False Proposition’ Dialectic 1978

‘Paradigms of Ethical Inquiry’ Journal of Value Inquiry 13 (2) June 1979 pp 85 – 102

‘Hegel’s critique of religion’ Man and World Vol 13 No 1 Mar 1980 pp 1-8

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Letter Quadrant Mar 84 pp 3-4

‘A Farwell to Arts’ Quadrant July-August 1986 p 9

‘John Anderson and the False Proposition’ Dialectic 1987

The Importance of Being Obscure The One and Only Press N.Z. 2002

Known Lectures at U.N.E. (from 1979)

Naturalistic Ethics 1979

The Philosophical Foundations of Existentialism 1980

Theories of Democracy 1980

The Philosophy of Social Science 1981

The Dialectical Structure of Idealism (Idealism A) 1982 – 1991

(Non) Naturalistic Ethics (1987)

Idealism B (1991/1993)

Freedom and Determinism (1993)

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