Brian Birchall Research


After the death of Brian Birchall in 2010, I collected and organised his remaining papers and deposited them in the archives at the University of New England. (See Archives)

At the same time, I have been editing his papers and undertaking research on his life and philosophy.

The current state of this research is described below.

  • My newsletter, The Present Continuous, publishes selections of his ideograms and other work. A completed volume of ideograms, Cultural Diatribes, has resulted from this work. This volume is currently unpublished. The preparation of a second volume, Forbidden Essence (also know as Formidable Essence), is currently underway.
  • I have given several papers on Dr. Birchall’s life and philosophy to various organisations, including The Sydney Realist Group, the Philosophy Department, the University of Queensland, and the 2013 conference of the Australasian Association of Philosophy held at the University of Queensland.
  • The research and preparation of biographical material concerning Dr. Birchall’s life.
  • With the support of financial assistance from Dr. Birchall’s brother, Sydney, I am currently scanning much of his unpublished material including theses, lectures, and ideograms.

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