Elanora Discussion Group

The Elanora Discussion Group is a weekly group meeting every Monday during April and May between 6pm and 7pm at the Elanora Community Centre, 26 Galleon Way, Currumbin Waters. Cost for the meeting is $10 which includes readings. Allowances can be made for people in financial hardship. Children over the age of 15 are welcome.

What is life wisdom and how do I get it?                     20th April

What wisdom have we gained from our life? Do I become wiser, the older I become? Can infants be wise?

What is time?                                                                     27th April

Is time only real for me? Can time be bent? Can we time travel?

What is creativity?                                                           4th May

Future home and work success will depend on our creativity. How do we develop and maintain creativity?

Cinema and science fiction                                            11th May

Is cinema transforming our vision of the future?

What is emotional wisdom?                                           18th May

If we can have emotional intelligence, then can we also have emotional wisdom? If so, what are its characteristics?

Sex and Love                                                                    25th May

What is the relationship between love and sex?

What is Environmental Ethics?                                    1st June

Why is it good to protect the environment? How do we balance economic growth with preservation of the environment?

The Essence of Essence                                                   8th June

Do we have an essence? If so, does it survive our death? If not, then who are we? What is the essence of essence?

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