Great Sex: What is it and how do I get it?

It is often assumed that people who have ‘great sex’ do so because of physical attributes, technical skill, or because their partner simply has ‘The Gift’. However recent research by Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz at the University of Ottawa has established that the factors that produce great sex are, in fact, emotional and psychological. Eight qualities have been identified which contribute to this heightened state of sexual experience: physical presence, emotional connection, intimacy, empathy, authenticity, transcendence, play, and vulnerability. This course will examine each of these qualities to determine if they are, in fact, necessary to having ‘great sex’.

(Please note: This course does not involve any inappropriate touching or nudity)

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Key words: intimacy; empathy; intuition; transcendence; play; vulnerability; presence; connection; Peggy Kleinplatz

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