Creativity Workshop

What is creativity?



Who is the creative person?

A creative person chooses their own goals and how they will achieve them. The creative person is expressive and curious, often both introverted and extroverted, and is driven by an urge to create and produce things.

 What is the creative process?

The creative process is untidy and messy, undisciplined and unruly. It is lateral, playful, imaginative, unconscious, childlike.

 What are the techniques of creativity?

The creative person practices the techniques of creativity. They are not afraid to learn to be more creative. In fact, they welcome the opportunity because they know that they don’t know everything.

 How do I test my creativity?

The creative person is not afraid to test their creativity. Give me a puzzle, they say, and I will try to resolve it. And if I can’t, then I will learn something from it.

 What is the place of creativity in future employment?

The creative person will be a worker in demand in the future. They will have the creative skills that cannot be easily replaced by computer automation.


 What is this workshop about?

This workshop will be a discovery learning experience which will examine six knowledge areas: What is creativity? What techniques increase creativity? What is the creative process? What is the creative personality? How can I test my creativity? What is the relationship between creativity, technology, and the future of work?


Saturday 8th April 2-5pm

Robina Community Centre


Cost $30 Bookings through

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