Gold Coast Income

When we look at income, we need to distinguish between individual income and household income. The main individual income bracket for the Gold Coast in 2016 was $0-$800 pw ($0-$40,000 pa) which comprised 53% of total individual income for the city. This figure was close to the State and National average.


The most common household income bracket on the Gold Coast in 2016 was under $1,500 pw ($78,000) which accounted for 47% of all households. This figure was close to State and National averages. The next major income bracket was $1,500 – $3,000 ($78,000-$156,000) and this accounted for 29% of all households. Again, this was the same as the State and National percentages.


So both individual and household income on theGold Coast was almost identical with State and National percentages.

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